About Us


Mission Statement

  • Our primary goal is to encourage the enjoyment of the sport of SCUBA diving.
  • To promote diving, the club intends to organize group dives not only in the Tri-City and Puget Sound area but also throughout the country, and the rest of the world according to the individual members' interests.
  • The club also intends to organize social events outside of dive weekends so that newcomers will be able to meet new "buddies" and enjoy the company of their fellow divers.
  • We would also like to periodically team up with fellow SCUBA clubs, such as the Yakima Dive Club in order to network and enjoy the sport with others.
  • In teaming up with other organizations, we intend to participate in community service projects such as river cleanup dive.
  • In order to ensure the continuation of SCUBA diving with The Atomic Duck Dive Club, the club will inform and refer interested individuals how to obtain their certification through local Reputable safe dive instructors.
  • We will maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with dive shops. In exchange for discounts on equipment, and air fills for our members, the club will refer potential as well as certified divers to those shops.
  • One of the most important parts of SCUBA diving is safety. We make safety awareness an integral part of our club. By encouraging safe diving practices through the "buddy system".
Atomic Ducks Dive Club