Annual Christmas Party, December 2007

Boat Parade and Christmas Party

by Melina Piekarski

On December 8th, seventeen members along with either friends or partners, all gathered down at the river to watch the annual boat parade. Luckily, on this chilly night, Lee and Melina Piekarski brought down a propane patio heater, which helped to take the edge off. Even in the freezing weather, the atmosphere was light and fun. After the decorated boats cruised by, a convoy of divers proceeded to go to Barb Chervenell’s house to enjoy appetizers, beverages and a gift exchange.

Barb opened her beautifully decorated home to the Atomic Ducks. Twenty-six people showed up to share in the festivities where we enjoyed food, beverages, and friendship.The chinesegift exchange was humorous: Melina had a knack for opening ALL lights (work light, floor lamp and camping lantern). Lee and Loretta teamed up to secure a blanket and chocolates, which did not work as he ended up bringing home a Hickory Farms basket. Brian Baker “stole”a stuffed monkey from a little girl, and played with the said monkey in front of the entire club. Tony Holbrooke had a knack for picking out blankets that were quickly “stolen”away from him. Brad Carlson got a book that showed the best places to kiss in the Pacific Northwest. Peggy managed to steal the chocolates lee was desperately trying to hang onto. Denise Tomkins managed to obtain some finely flavored dipping oils.

The evening was wonderful, full of friendship and laughter.

Atomic Ducks Dive Club