Labor Day in Mukilteo, September 4-7, 2009

Mukilteo Dive Trip

By: Bryan Harting

Saturday morning we all did our first dive at 9 AM. The weather was fair for the first day. The divers included Lee and Melina, Brian Baker, George and Rochelle and their daughter Kerry, Desiree, and John Gaskill, a ducks member from the 60s. Dick Carmody and his wife were also there. The group dives were awesome, so we dove for crab at the T-docks and the rest of the divers were off from the Silver Cloud Inn. Lee brought his sea dive yak to use and almost sank it carrying gear to the T docks. The weekend was fun and the group pulled about 35 pounds of crab out of Puget Sound.

On Sunday we continued to dive from Mukilteo and the weather turned worse with rain!! That afternoon we broke up with only a small group continuing to dive while the rest went to downtown Seattle. Downtown we went to the Aquarium and then out to dinner. Monday morning was a time to clean up rooms and have breakfast. Some divers cleaned crab and dove again while the rest packed up gear and got ready for the trip home. Thanks to all who attended. It was a great weekend in Mukilteo.

Atomic Ducks Dive Club