Annual Polar Bear Dive, January 1, 2008

Polar Bear Dive Brrrrr!

By Bruce Gillespie

About thirty Atomic Ducks gathered on New Years day for a cold polar bear dive and picnic. About 12 people braved the cold to dive (I never did get a good count since everyone went in at different times) while the rest of us, including this wimp with a wet suit, chose to stay on shore and watch. The cold water seemed to have affected one person more than the rest though.We had good TV coverage with channel 6 filming the fun. However the ducks were outdone by two young boys (not part of the club) who jumped into the water in shorts and T-shirts.After the dive we warmed up with a picnic of hot dogs, chili, chips, and cookies. Additional warmth was supplied by two space heaters that Lee rented for the occasion.

Atomic Ducks Dive Club